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bluemonkey09 [userpic]
I am new here...
by bluemonkey09 (bluemonkey09)
at September 25th, 2009 (04:33 pm)

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Hi all. You can call me Jamie. I am new here. I am in Houston Tx but i am normally from CT. I dont have many friends in Houston. I am currently involved with someone and would like to make some new friends. Gay, Straight, Bi, Lesbian, or Transgendered. I am 30 yrs old and i am known to be a stud. A cute one at that. I am into alot of different things. I love sports, art stuff, drawing, music, dancing, picture taking, traveling, hanging out, playing pool, chattin online, making new friends... MOVIES. Well those are a few things i like.. if you like what you read and want to gain a friend... come comment me!

You wont be disappointed!